Tamyrin Lipjes, Floral Designer and Owner of Bespoke Blooms has these tips when choosing bouquets for your bridal party:

The bouquet does not have to match the bridesmaid’s dress. In fact, the more contrast you have, the better. It’s now trendy to be as unconventional as you can possibly be. Go wild, go geometrical, go bold. The emphasis here is on texture… the more unusual, the better. You can still use many different shades of a specific colour theme without being too matchy.

To create a really interesting bouquet, add paper flowers, painted pine cones (the small ones), lotus pods, interestingly textured or shaped seed pods, fruit or even vegetables like artichokes or kale. You’ll be amazed what you can create when you look at something from a different angle.

The best way to create a budget-friendly bouquet is to use lots of big leaves and greenery, focus on different textures and use three to five feature flowers at the front of your bouquet. Or keep it simple; find a large leaf or inexpensive flower or vegetable (like decorative kale or red veined spinach) and use it en masse. You’ll end up with something unique and pleasing to the eye.

When choosing flowers for a bouquet, keep it simple and choose at least one feature flower or leaf that’s larger that everything else. If you’re using garden flowers, test one a couple of weeks in advance to see how long it survives after you have cut it. It needs to last at least two days in water.

By Lisa van der Knaap

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