“DP (DP Ferreira of EcoZest) and I are both drawn to the beauty of the bohemian style,” says Marius Barnard of Weddings by Marius. “We’ve both met several couples who have expressed a desire to detail their weddings in the bohemian style, but so often they hold back because it can seem overwhelming; like an unattainable vibe or feeling. We wanted to create a bohemian glamour  inspiration session to inspire our clients and to show that it is something they can pull off beautifully. Think outside the box, be fearless, and let your inspiration lead the way.

Bohemian: Socially unconventional in an artistic way

“To call a person or look ‘bohemian’ is to acknowledge a distinctive presence of unconventional artistic adventure and confidence. There is an inherent freedom to explore creativity in a fresh and uncontrived manner. This bohemian soul is in tune with nature and visually able to make connections between different elements, setting in place an energetic juxtaposition of textures, colours, forms, and surfaces, all with an arcane depth. At heart bohemian glamour is more of an attitude or approach than a ‘look’. It is about experimentation and discovering what pleases the inner eye.”

The unconventional couple

This is definitely for those who want to be different, who think out of the box, and are arty and not afraid of what will be said. This bohemian glamour theme is well-suited for a winter or autumn wedding as the colours are rich and in abundant.


Artsy elements

To recreate this bohemian glamour look, innate qualities are probably more necessary than specific elements or props. Warmth, texture, light, atmosphere and mood weave an intriguing multi-layered expression of the essence of bohemian. An old wooden table emanates warmth, while coloured and crystal glassware gleams with light against a darker background. Colour, fabrics, patterns, flowers, textures and fruit illuminated by glowing candles and ambient light lends a Pre-Raphaelite quality. A sensitive but playful treatment in the choice and placement of the various elements is the golden thread that renders this bohemian glamour scene.

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