Of course you’re already bubbling with joy, but what about a glorious glug of the sensational champagne/copper duo to make you bubble over? A look that’s gracious, elegant, oh-so chic and bang on trend, this stylish colour combination may have hints of yesteryear (but so then do true love, good manners and white dresses), but it’s also gentle and warm (great for a winter wedding) and, like moonlight and candlelight, very flattering. Our June issue devotes eight stunning pages to this lovely combo – styled by The Pretty Blog – and covers everything from sensational reception themes to dress, stationery and decor options. Teamed with champagne, copper imparts a subtle glow, which is great for the complexion (think eyes, nails, lips, cheeks); used in decor it suits almost any look, from the sophisticated to the rustic (chandeliers, embossed stationery, lilies and bulbs, old barn walls…). For interesting options pair it with glass, grass, raw wood, crisp linen or old leather. Unite it with other colours and its versatility stretches even further. For more ideas (and for pairing with rose gold, silver, teal, ivory, greens, white, pale pink and plum) take a peek at our Hot Copper blog too.

Photographs: Feather and Stone



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