Showering a couple with rice or grain as a blessing for fertility dates back to pagan times, while the word confetti comes from Italian and refers to the sweets – mostly sugar-coated almonds – that are widely used in Italian, Greek and Middle Eastern celebrations. We love the meaning that comes with them too: they’re handed out in fives (for health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity) or in odd numbers (symbolising the indivisibility of the couple). True, glittering confetti will add sparkle to your pics, but we do urge you to go green, so think birdseed (rice is harmful to passing animals that eat it raw), lavender (you’ll remember your wedding every time you smell it), spices (fennel, coriander), petals, leaves, paper hearts (punch them out of an old book), rice paper and small pompoms (cat-owning guests can take them home later!). We also adore paper planes, bubbles (personalise the containers), balloons, mini flags and little bells (guests can keep these too) – even salt, with its sacred symbolism. For those who really want to splash out there’s also the “confetti bar”, where guests can DIY their own confetti before the ceremony! And of course the way you package the confetti is an adventure of its own. Take a flight through these…

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