Follow these 20 tips and let your locks shine


What do to do

It all begins with your dress and jewellery. Generally speaking, high necklines and those with lots of embellishment or a statement necklace work best with unfussy, elegant updos. Strapless dresses, on the other hand, look better with hair that’s styled down and loos. Next, consider your hair texture and length, and be realistic about what you and your stylist can achieve.

Create a look

Although you want to look and feel like yourself at your wedding, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries with new styles when trailling hairdos. Source hairstyles you like from the Internet and magazines, and take these images to the hairdresser. By drawing on different elements from the various styles, they should be able to create a unique hairdo to suit you and your face shape.

Money for your mane

You’re probably a whiz with a spreadsheet by this stage, so don’t forget to factor in a cash allowance allocated to your hair. Phone around for a few different quotes, as some salons and stylists offer great packages that include hairstyling for your mom and bridesmaids, as well as yourself. Pricing also depends on location, time and date, so bear this in mind when making a booking.

DIY hair?

If you have a knack for styling your own hair, or you want a fairly simple style, then go ahead and do it yourself. However, if you’ve been eyeing an elaborate updo, it is worth calling in a pro. Remember that your wedding photos will be around for ever, so investing that little bit extra on gorgeous, glossy hair will be well worth it in the long run.

Choosing a stylist 

Word of mouth is usually the most trusted, so begin by asking friends and family for stylist recommendations. Keep in mind that not all hairdressers are brilliant at updos – some are better ar colour, while some can cut like a dream – so it’s a good idea to book a trial appointment. If you’re having a destination wedding, ask your wedding planner for some local suggestions; it’s their job to help you with the finer details.

Growing your locks

Desperate for those extra centimetres to create your dream do? Head for a trim every eight to 10 weeks, giving your stylist strict instructions not to take more than a centimetre off. Remember that while length is lovely, condition is key. Take your multi-vitamins, lay off the heat styling and use a moisture once a week, and your hair will look healthy and shiny (which no amount of length can fake).

Face shape and style

Ask yourself which features you’d like to accentuate and which you’d like to play down. A tight updo brings focus to the eyes and cheekbones, while a loose do softens a strong chin. If you have a large forehead, a deep side parting with hair swept to the side can disguise this. Remember also to ask your make-up artist for suggestions on what you should highlight and concela; it’s a team effort.

Colour coordination

Six months before the day, you need to define a plan of dye-action with your colourist. Explain the colour that you’re aiming for and gradually work toward that over three or four appointments. Last-minute dye jobs aren’t an option – chances are you won’t be happy – and you can’t wear your veil to the reception!

Fringe benefits 

On average, hair grows about a centimetre a month so it could take ages to grow your fringe out. Experiment with styles that allow you to pin your fringe back with a pretty clip or Alice band instead.

Short but chic

If you’re a short-haired girl, you can still pull off a girly gown with ease. Make sure your hair is perfectly styled, then add a fab feathered fascinator or jewelled headpiece. If that’s too much for you, go for a big paid of statement earrings which will immediately light up your face.

Fine and dandy 

Voluminous hair never fails to look über glam, so pump up your fine, lifeless locks with a wow-factor wedding day do. An easy way of faking fullness is to use extra-large rollers to set your hair before styling. Need more mane? Check out these local websites for stunning clip-in hairpieces:;;

Making it last 

Your hairstyle needs to last well into the evening, so preparatino is key. It’s true that day-old hair works better for updos, so consult your stylist as to when you should shampoo. What really counts is a hard-working hairspray, which won’t dull shine or cause flaking. Grab a travel-size spray and keep it in your handbag for touch-ups on the day.

For hair-va and hair-va 

To keep you down-do groomed but gorgeous, go for a lightweight styling cream and get as much volume as you can as hair tends to droop as the day goes on. Finish with a fixing spray that allows hair to move while holding flyaway strands in place. We like Wella Professionals Wet Velvet Amplifier Style Primer, R199.

Frizz-free and fab

As summer is the most popular time to tie the knot, you’ll need a couple of frizz-fighting products to keep your hair looking smooth and sleek. If you are seriously frizz-prone, consider a semi-permanent keratin treatment, such as KeraStraight KS Complex, priced from R1 100 to R3 500 (depending on hair length and salons), which will keep hair kink-free for up to six months.

Shine on

Super-shiny hair is on everyone’s wish lists, so start looking after your hair health. Take a hair supplement such as Richelet Selenium Hair Strength, R156, and opt for good fats in your diet, such as olive oil, salmon and avocado, which help to nourish the hair from the inside out.

Two styles in a flash

If you’d like to change your style between the ceremony and the reception, go from an updo to down and loose, rather than the other way around. For an easy transition, go easy on the hairspray and clips. If you want to keep your style, swap the veil for a flower or crystal clip for a noticeable difference.

Balancing the veil

There’s no hard or fast rule to choosing a veil to match your hair, but generally speaking, longer veils look good with big hair, as well as very short hair. Shorter veils look best with updos, as they create the illusion of length.

Attaching the veil 

Most standard veils come with a comb attached, which is then secured into the hair, but it’s a good idea to use additional hairpins to reinforce it – particularly if using smoothing hair products which can make the veil slip. When you have your trial hair appointment, look at how the veil goes with your hairdo and dress and decide exactly where you’d like to attach it.

Half and half

Half-up, half-down hair looks great with a strapless gown and creates a light halo of hair around your face. Pick a hairclip or comb to complement your jewellery and dress design. Real flowers also look beautiful, so you can always ask your stylist to work some into the up section of your hair, rather than splashing out on a fancy hair accessory. Just make sure that no hairspray touches the fresh blooms, or they’ll fade…fast.

Unhappy hair

A trial hair appointment is there to smooth out any problems and ensure you and your stylist are both working toward the same goal. However, if a trial isn’t possible, book your hair appointment at least five hours before the ceremony, so you have time to rework the look if you’re not happy. An if you still aren’t pleased with the look, let it go, hold your head high, relax and enjoy your day!

This feature is taken out of Wedding Inspirations magazine Autumn 2012



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