Green has been quietly edging its way into our consciousness, not only as a colour in fashion and interiors, but also as a movement towards more natural, organic living. Now, with emerald green having been declared Pantone’s colour of the year, its rise is assured.

Described by the renowned colour authority as “lively, radiant, lush … a colour of elegance and beauty”, the hue is meant to inspire insight, enhance a sense of well-being and also promote balance and harmony. It is also the colour of growth, renewal and prosperity, says Pantone, all much-desired qualities this year.

So how does this news translate to weddings? It means that rich, sophisticated, luxurious themes and jewel-toned colour schemes are a key trend this year. Pair emerald green with neutrals or pastels such as peach or rose for a soft daytime look; alternatively mix it with white, gold and navy or black for classic anytime elegance. If bold is your preference, emerald’s eye-catching partners include aubergine or peacock blue (avoid ruby red unless you’re after a Christmassy effect). Whatever your choice, you’re guaranteed to make a stylish impact.



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