Love them or loathe them, there’s no denying that cake toppers are firmly entrenched in wedding tradition and history. First spotted in the late 19th century, they became a wedding day “must” in the 1920s when the cake began to assume centre stage at wedding receptions. In the early days, all cake toppers featured a bride and groom in various poses and were kept after the event as a treasured memento, to be handed down to the next generation. Now cake toppers are purely optional and many modern-day brides and grooms opt to leave their top tier bare or decorated with fresh or sugar paste blooms. However, those who do opt for figurines often choose humorous versions of themselves or a topper that reflects a piece of their past, their future or even a present-day passion, such as travel or sport. Not convinced? A simple monogram, heart or star may be all you need to create your cake’s perfect finishing touch. Check out the cake topper inspiration below…

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