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Asking the right questions can save a lot of stress and help you manage expectations. Here are five questions that you need to ask your different wedding suppliers before the big day:

  1. Will our wedding be the only one at the venue? This is extremely important, especially if you want an intimate wedding. If it’s not the only event on the day, know which sections your guests are allowed in.
  2. Do you charge overtime fees? If your party goes two hours over time, then your bill for the DJ, photographer and bar staff can skyrocket, so know all the numbers beforehand.
  3. What staff will be present? Check if a manager will be there… If not, find out who you can chat to if you have any queries on the night.
  4.  Will I own the photos? Some photographers require their bride and groom to buy the rights to images at for an additional cost.
  5. Can I see previous work? Look at the portfolios that all of your prospective suppliers give you, and don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials from other clients.

By Lisa van der Knaap

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