Ever been to a wedding and departed with a gift you just don’t know what to do with? The cork key ring, the mug with their names on it… You can’t throw it away in case they find out, but you really, really don’t want it in your life. Bar the very expensive, it’s hard to choose a wedding favour that works across the board. Enter the homemade, disposable and reusable favour! Start with a mason jar, a spice jar or a glass bottle, print your own label (or use a ribbon, bow, paper or sticker) and fill it with anything from bubble bath, homemade lemonade, spicy salt, speciality sugar, jelly beans, preserves or pickles, to a DIY cookie mix (stick the recipe onto the jar), decadent hot chocolate (layers of chocolate powder, chocolate chunks and marshmallows) or coffee beans (for a morning-after mug). Fill a bottle with a take-home tipple, limoncello, spice-infused vinegar or olive oil, or a glühwein mix. Packets work well too, brimming with popcorn, nuts, candy or seeds. On a green note, what about a tiny indigenous plant or tree that can be planted somewhere or simply a pot of herbs (they can be used at the place settings too, with names on them). Sweet teeth will be delighted with a simple bar of chocolate, over-wrapped in your own paper, while busy chefs will love a box or bottle of extra-long matches for lighting that next braai. Still wondering? Make your own CDs with a compilation of your favourite songs or give each guest a Lotto ticket and keep your fingers crossed…

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Wedding Favour  12 Jennifer Gray and Rob Johnson wedding on Bald Head Island on July, 17 2010. Wedding Favour 3

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