It’s the colour of love, passion and romance; a bold, fiery shade that grabs attention – and holds it! Here then, in honour of Valentine’s Day, are some tips on how to incorporate red successfully into your wedding decor.

  • Because red is such a strong colour, it can be overwhelming if used too much. For maximum style points, use it as an accent shade on your wedding day rather than the base colour – unless of course your intention is to create a dramatic, vampish look.
  • Red pairs perfectly with pink, orange, blue, green, brown, purple, black and grey. Choose the colour combo that best appeals to you, then experiment with the various hues in each shade. Burnt orange-red and burgundy are ideal autumn hues, while cherry red pops in summer.
  • Some of our favourite colour combinations include: red, aqua and white (a popular wedding palette right now); poppy red and pink (not as girly as you think); red, white and grey (for a contemporary, masculine edge) and red, pink and orange (for fun!).
  • Incorporate red into your decor using items such as ribbon (checked, striped or spotted), linen, flowers, food and drink.
  • Ideal red flowers include roses, gerberas, gladioli, carnations and tulips.
  • Serve pomegranate or berry punch as a refreshing, red-hued welcome drink; strawberry daiquiris, Cosmopolitans, Bloody Marys and Singapore Slings at the cocktail bar; Sangria; and of course Glühwein in winter.
  • Depending on the season, you could introduce red into your menu through dishes such as beetroot soup, tomato tartlets, Caprese salad, roasted bell peppers and red lentil curry. Fill your dessert table with items such as red macaroons, red velvet cupcakes, a berry-topped pavlova or cheesecake, red striped candy canes, red liquorice and so on.
  • Wear red shoes and / or a red flower in your hair; and give your groom a red bloom or red ribbon in his buttonhole. Don’t forget that red nail polish and red lipstick also makes a stylish impact. Choose a hue that complements your skin tone and wear it with confidence!
  • If you don’t want your bridesmaids swathed in red, dress them in the complementary colour you’ve chosen and add red accents through belts, bows, shoes, hair accessories, floral bouquets and make-up.

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