12304313_537137309769184_1198695072026219700_o Celebrate your summer wedding with a fresh, citrus-inspired reception theme

Styling by Almari van der Merwe. Photography by Kaitlyn de Villiers

The inspiration?
Summer was our inspiration for this look. We wanted to do something fresh and colourful to show brides that pops of citrus colour work so wonderfully and can be so elegant at the same time. The idea for this reception theme came to me in spring, seeing all the beautiful colours of the fresh blossoms in the warm (soon to be summer) sun. It got me thinking of all the things that come with summer the brighter colours, the fresh fruits and laying by the pool with a huge slice of watermelon!

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What kind of couple, season and setting would this theme suit?
A fun, quirky and light-hearted couple would suit this theme wonderfully. This theme is definitely suited for summer and would work best with an outdoor setting surrounded by loads of beautiful greenery.

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COLOURS: For this look we had a strong citrus colour palette with colours that contrast really well with one another. I chose to use the grapefruit and watermelon tones as the more prominent colours, not only because all of the other citrus really stood out against it but the grapefruit tones also give a more romantic feel. Melons, grapefruits, lemons and limes were the key elements for this look.
DÉCOR: We kept our decor and props simple and plain so as not to overwhelm the eye but rather have each item placed on the bright citrus colours really stand out and make a statement. My advice would be to choose three to five fruits and base the rest of your decor around these by adding only small accents of the citrus fruits and layering those that contrast beautifully with one another. Choose one colour for the base colour and use the rest only as accents.Keep the cutlery and crockery plain and not too busy as too much can make the table look completely cluttered with all the bright colours. Keeping it simple  with a few dramatic pieces brings this look to life.
FLOWERS: We kept the flowers soft with small accents of pink peonies to add some romance and soften the harsh citrus colours and some orange sea-buckthorn berries to add some texture to the arrangement.
CAKE: We wanted something dramatic but not too overpowering, so we chose to do an ombre ruffle fondant cake within our colour scheme. The ruffles softened the bright colour palette, caught the light beautifully and also complimented all the decor.
FASHION: We had the gorgeous wedding gowns supplied to us by the very talented Elizabeth Stockenstrom. We fell in love with the romance and attention to detail on the gowns. What made them ideal for our theme and complimented the bride so well was how they effortlessly draped on the body, allowing them to flow and look so feminine. For the images we wanted to achieve these gowns were ideal in every way.

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The best advice I could give to any bride wanting to use this theme is to make sure that you give each and every one of your suppliers a colour swatch for the colour scheme you would like. There are so many variations in these colours and to achieve a flawless and clean look, you want exact matches to your colour scheme within the flowers, decor items and props.

CONCEPT, STYLING AND CO-ORDINATION: Kaitlyn de Villiers, 0827723325; Almari Van der Merwe, 0833267722
CAKE: Connies Cakery, 071 879 9599
DECOR ITEMS: My Pretty Vintage, 021 551 2242, (glasses, lemonade sign & white table cloth). Kaitlyn de Villiers Photography, 082 772 3325, (table runner, napkins & crockery). Liezl Kotze Floral Art, 083 458 6508 (candle holders, citrus fruit, vases)
DRESSES: Elizabeth Stockenstrom Wedding Gowns, 082 864 4228
FLOWERS: Liezl Kotze Floral Art, 083 458 6508,
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Almari de Waal, 083 326 7722
JEWELLERY: Hayley Goodrich Accessories
MODEL: Jessica Ledger, 071 886 1058
PHOTOGRAPHER: Kaitlyn de Villiers Photography, 082 772 3325
STATIONERY: Pretty in Stains, Melissa, 084 439 4747
VENUE: The Cellars-Hohenhort, 021 794 2137

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