Live music really sets the scene at a wedding, but it’s worth doing your homework to ensure that it’s really the sound you want.


Let’s face it, there really is nothing quite like live music for giving a party that special something. From string quartets, pianists, guitarists or vocalists to a live band, a well-selected act can truly make an occasion, and when it comes to a band, get guests energized and squeaking their takkies on the dance floor. The chances are too, that with a live band, the sound quality will be better than a deejay, but like everything else there will be planning to do.

A good band can certainly create a dramatic presentation (and entertain even your non-dancing guests) infectious energy and with the musicians hopefully having engaging personalities, a unique vibe. A specific type of band can also complement a special wedding theme (try a swing band for a 20s theme, or a jazz band for a more laid-back feel).

However this in itself is also worth some thought. Does the band you’re about to hire have just one sound? Will that sound become too repetitive during the event? Can they play your wedding songs? Can (or will) the band adjust their volume to suit you and your venue?

Give also a little thought to what will happen when the musicians take breaks. Besides scheduling breaks in advance with them, find out whether they will turn on a CD for you or whether you’ll need a deejay to fill the gaps? The bottom line with a live act is often costly, so find out just how long you’ll be getting your music for – and what happens if they play overtime.

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