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The history of a wedding cake can be traced back to Roman and medieval times, and unsurprisingly there are many different traditions which go hand in hand with this. In Western culture, the wedding cake is generally a rich and boozy fruit cake, in usually three tiers (the bottom one to be cut at the reception, the middle one served to guests and well-wishers and the top one preserved a year for the couple’s first anniversary, or the christening of their first child). You may want to want to stick close to tradition – and what a lot of stunning options there are if you do – but if you don’t, the variations on the theme are very acceptable too.

Graphic cake Black cake Sparkly cake

Start with flavour and form – by opting for a sponge or cheese if fruitcake isn’t your thing – and decide on the number of tiers and whether they’ll be round or square. Once that’s done, it’s time for decoration. Current trends include hand-painted wedding cakes, stunning black cakes, and bold metallic and colour combinations. The use of sequins is big too (and great for bling) and fresh flowers or a symbol of the couple’s hobbies or interests are regularly taking the place of the traditional bride and groom topper.

Cupcake tower flowers Croquembouche Modern cake Cake Pops
Many couples are choosing to completely forgo the tiered cake and cupcakes, cake pops, macaroons and the croquembouche make fabulous alternatives. Bear in mind that cutting or breaking the cake represents the first activity the couple does together, and – they say – a person sleeping with a piece of wedding cake under their pillow will dream of their future partner!

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