Cupcakes may come and go, but nothing beats the drama of a tiered wedding cake.
There’s definitely a return to this classic style of cake so we rounded up a few of our favourites.

Diamonds and Pearls

We love the elegant sparkling effect of these cakes that have been drenched in white crystallised sugar. The cakes are iced with traditional fondant or a cream chocolate paste. Inside, the cakes can be either a layered white chocolate sponge with an Italian meringue buttercream, or a hazelnut and almond marble cake, focusing on the creams, champagnes and the nutty colours.

Black beauty

Add drama to your wedding with a cake sprinkled with black crystalised sugar. This cake is iced with traditional fondant and fresh yellow arums add a feminine touch. Inside, the cake is layered black velvet with a lemon mousse filling. Fresh fruit such as marinated lemon rind can be added and the cake tastes best served with a limoncello liquor.

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