Choose a hairstyle for your wedding look that suits your style and personality,
but that’s also absolutely up to date and in fashion.

The Look: Soft bohemian

Long flowing hair is flattering, sensual and very romantic – and perfect for brides with medium to long hair.
For this style, condition is key. Dry, over-worked hair is not going to look great tumbling over your shoulders. To get your hair in tip top condition you need to work with your stylist on a treatment and trimming program for several weeks before your wedding day.

Stylist Shelene Shaer of Tanaz Hair recommends a series of 6 treatments alternating Kérastase Aqua Oleum (for moisture) and Kérastase Vita cement (protein) weekly for 6 weeks. This will give your hair a healthy glow by infusing it with moisture and adding strength, which contributes to a lasting style.

Tousled hair is easy to style. All you need is a set of tongs or curlers and a gentle styling aid such as Wella Glaze for hold and L’Oréal’s Oiliss Serum for shine.

Accessorise with a basic tiara or floral wreath; even a pretty necklace can be used as a hair band.

Complete the bohemian look with a touch of bronzing powder and a light shimmery gloss on your lips – no strong colour here.

The Look: Sleek and shiny

Simple and timeless, the classic ponytail is the most versatile of styles. Whether you are having a morning, afternoon or evening wedding you can adjust a sleek ponytail to fit any style.

For a formal look, place the ponytail high on the crown; for a casual finish, try a low slightly messy ponytail that highlights your neck and shoulders.

If your ponytail isn’t as full as you would like, add a hairpiece or some extensions for more volume. You can add some pretty accents to the look, either use your hair to cover the elastic or add ribbons and beads. Clips can also be added to make your style pop.

Another great way to dress up a ponytail is using an Alice band. Thicker bands should be placed on the middle of the head; smaller bands should be placed quite far forward for a modern feel.

The ponytail is a good option if you’re having a summer wedding and temperatures soar; it’s cooling and maintains its shape.

The Look: Cropped bob

A perennial favourite, the bob makes a dramatic style statement any day of the week and especially on your wedding day.

A bob gives an air of chic style reminiscent of the flapper era. If you’re considering a bob, take into consideration the natural texture of your hair, the shape and features of your face. Oval and square faces with angular bone structure are best suited to a true bob. A round face shape should opt for a longer bob.

A good cut is a must. Thick, naturally straight hair lends itself to the style and if you have thinner hair and prefer a softer look, try a gentle curl and add a few flowers to the side of your head.

Shine is essential so add a touch of silicone serum like Redken’s Glass for maximum gloss. To finish the look, accessorise with elegant drop earrings or an ornate necklace to draw attention to your neckline.

Makeup looks for a bob should include deep red lips and a defined sweep of black eyeliner to add to the drama.

The look: Sophisticated

A severe, sleek, high-shine hairstyle is formal and dramatic. It makes a style statement, bringing attention to your face and neck and complements a heavyweight gown. It also accentuates your colouring and makeup, which should match the drama of this style.

Long or chandelier earrings always look good with this style.

Your hairstylist needs to plan the height of the bun according to the height of your shoes, the length of your dress and the style of the veil – make sure he or she gets the proportions right. The veil placement must be decided beforehand as you will need to work around the hair.

Complete the look with a shine spray like L’Oréal Gloss Spray.

If you have short or thin hair you can create this look by adding a hair piece to form the ‘bun’ section and simply smooth your own hair back.

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