Flowers by Fleur le Cordeur. Photography by claudiadenobrega.com


Flowers can make or break a wedding, and brides can make or break a florist. In the Spring issue of South African Wedding Inspirations, we have some great advice on how to work with your florist so that you both get what you want – a beautiful wedding that people will talk about for years afterwards! Francesca Bourke spills the beans…

Be realistic about your budget
There’s no getting away from it: flowers can be expensive. That’s not to say that you have to go into debt in order to have beautiful blooms on your wedding day, but having a budget will guide both you and your florist. Florists need an honest estimate of what you can afford, so that they don’t spend days designing a flower wall that costs more than your entire wedding.

Flowers by Fleur le Cordeur. Photography by claudiadenobrega.com

Do your homework
Please don’t turn up to our first consultation expecting your florist to show you exactly what you want when you have no idea of what you like! They don’t expect you to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of botany, but a general inkling of what you’re imagining as a bouquet or centrepiece would be helpful. Not a flower person? Start with a colour palette – pick two colours you like and go from there. If you’re still at a loss, head over to Pinterest and start pinning – even if at first you have a million different looks, eventually a dominant concept will come through.

Flowers by Eco-Chic Weddings
Flowers by Fleur le Cordeur. Photography by Tasha Seccombe

Know when to call
It’s infuriating when you try to get hold of a vendor and they seem to be permanently unavailable! It’s equally infuriating for that vendor when they see your emails or phone calls coming through and they just can’t answer you straight away. Your florist wants to give you the best service possible and to be able to answer all of your questions, but keep in mind that they are also trying to please a number of other brides – including and especially the bride whose wedding is this coming weekend. The best time to contact your florist with questions or ideas is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when the work from their last wedding is over and before the craziness of their next wedding begins. Also be mindful not to send twenty separate emails with lots of attachments; share a Pinterest board instead.


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