There are a lot of big decisions to be made for your wedding day, but possibly the first and most important, aesthetically at any rate, is your wedding theme. Here’s how to make the right choice for you…

By Francesca Bourke

With so many options available these days, deciding on a wedding theme can be a daunting prospect. In fact, it’s probably one of the hardest decisions to make because it will influence every aspect of your day.  And hang on… What even is a ‘theme’, and do you really need one? The theme refers to the aesthetic of your wedding; from your dresses and decor to the entire feel of your day and yes, you need one (it’ll make planning so much easier, trust us!). But is it country casual or black tie glamour? And how do you begin to decide?

Choose your wedding theme

Where To Start with Your Wedding Theme

Tracy Branford of Trunk Events (trunkevents.co.za) says that when deciding on a wedding theme, find your venue first. “The venue lends itself to a theme, so once you’ve found that, it makes the decor decisions so much easier.” In South Africa, we’re blessed with a variety of incredible venues, from wine farms and beach weddings to some stunning inner city locales; let the surroundings inspire your decor decisions.

Kate Diaz of Wedding Concepts (weddingconcepts.co.za) advises avoiding the idea of a complete wedding theme, as this can quickly veer into fancy dress territory. She suggests that couples start by choosing a colour scheme and a feeling instead. “Avoid a definitive theme like Great Gatsby, for example – that’s great for a 40th birthday party but you want to look back on your wedding and feel that it was timeless.”

One of the biggest mistakes that couples make with their theme is they take it too far – a nautical wedding theme is suggested for an ocean-side wedding, but there’s no need to remind your guests of that fact at every turn.

Be True To Who You Are 

Don’t be distracted by other weddings and styles. Think of who you are as a couple from a style perspective and draw from that. Resist the temptation to replicate elements of all your friends’ weddings. It’s your day – let it be a reflection of who you are. That’s not to say that if you and your hubby-to-be are passionate about cycling that you should wear spandex and ride down the aisle on a tandem bike, but try and incorporate your adventurous side and love of the outdoors. Kate says, “Personality is key. The couple’s personal sense of style should dictate the theme.”

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