With the very beautiful bushveld on our doorstep, many a local bride is choosing the spectacular setting of a bush wedding – and for that, winter is the perfect time of year. With the wealth of fabulous lodges available, the choices are unlimited – and very often you have an expert team ready to cater to your wildest dreams. If it’s peace, poise and nature you’re after, we suggest keeping your choices as simple and authentic as possible for a wedding that really works. Be guided by your venue and the setting when choosing colourways and decor: use what’s there and celebrate it, rather than bringing in loads of foreign influences. For colour, look to the surrounding vegetation for inspiration – will it be greens and pinks, green and ivory, natural and blush, olive and silver or the fiery oranges of a dry riverbed? For the ceremony, a simple tree works brilliantly, but what about a hide, a bridge, or a lookout point? We quite like the safety of the bride arriving in a safari vehicle (hair and dress stay tidy), but we’ve seen everything from elephant back to parachute. Ditto for your photos – though many a lodge will lend you a friendly wild animal if that grabs your fancy. For decor we suggest once again a natural slant (proteas, acacia, grasses, bark), teamed with gleaming glass, candles, warming fires, fairy lights, paper, rustic boxes or galvanised buckets. Do keep confetti eco-friendly too: think leaves, petals, salt or spice. For these and more have a peep below – it’s our heritage after all. Create your own and share them with us!

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