All Dressed Up

We spoke to Angelique du Toit, owner of popular dress boutique Gelique, about her range of versatile bridesmaid and wedding dresses.

What’s your opinion on all matching bridesmaids?

I want to offer brides the option of creating something unique with our base design as a starting point. They get to choose a different skirt and sleeve options, different fabrics and even extra layers, creating something that is one-of-a-kind. That way the bridesmaids get to wear something they are going to feel beautiful in and want to wear again. Why force everyone into a single look that possibly only one of them feels good in, when they can all look similar yet feel comfortable? Rather keep them in the same fabric and color and let them express their individuality by wearing a style they love.

How can you get a cohesive look?

Have all your dresses made by the same designer. Very rarely does a retinue look like they are part of the same wedding when someone’s dress was bought and made with different sources. Stick with the same colour or shades of colour and if possible the same fabric. If you choose florals, which is a fabulous trend at the moment, but also one which needs to be honed to get the best look, then mixing different florals for the same bridal party is not a good idea.

Top Tips

Decide if you want a formal or informal look.

Select your colour or colours. Darker colours tend to be more formal and light colours more informal. There are no had and fast rules, so you can choose to dress your bridesmaids in the same hue or choose a variety of colors.

Do your research. Search for bridesmaids dresses in the formality and colours you have in mind. Following local designers on social media is a great way to find inspiration.

Share your ides with your bridesmaids and discuss the budget, but don’t start shopping until it’s clear who is paying for what and what the budget is.

Book your appointment well in advance to cater for design, manufacturing and alterations – this means more than 2 months for some designers.