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Going to a Wedding Expo is one of those “must do” items worth putting on your Wedding Planning To-Do List. But sadly, across the world the need for social distancing is increasing more than ever, and connecting remotely has become the new normal. The Wedding Expo would LOVE to see brides and grooms come together…

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Witty Retorts to family, friends, co-workers and frenemies!

Cordial comebacks featured

People can’t help themselves; they like to voice their opinions, and sometimes those opinions are inconsiderate, or even just plain rude. Need a witty retort instead of a high five to the face? We’ve got you covered… First thing: don’t take it personally. Realise it comes with the territory. Second thing: don’t let them get…

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Karl Lagerfeld – Chanel’s Most Beautiful Wedding Gowns

With the recent sad news of Fashion Designer, Karl Lagerfeld’s passing, we take a look back at his infamous career at Chanel and his incredible bridal gown designs during his time at the fashion house. Every Chanel Haute Couture runway show ends with a supermodel or “It Girl” in an exquisite wedding gown, by the iconic designer,…

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