Excellent Game & Activity Ideas for your Guests

Keep your guests entertained at your wedding with these fun games and activities.

Some activities may require some outdoor space, but will no doubt be a win with your guests. Get creative and personalise your games to suit your wedding theme and setting. This is also a great way to keep your guest occupied while you are busy with your photos.


Always a hit with guests and perfect for a garden wedding.

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Giant Jenga

Another popular game that’s fun for all ages.

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Ladder Toss

Very popular in the States this game provides a ton of entertainement.

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Ring Toss

Why not make the targets bottles of wine or fancy craft beers? If a guest wins the toss they win the bottle of wine.

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Wedding Wheel

Add funny and sweet instructions to the Wedding Wheel  and get your guests to spin it.

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Endless entertainment for your guests and a great way to capture all those magic moments at your wedding. Funny props are a must.


Lawn Bowls

Choose Petanque for French style or classic lawn bowls. A simple game and fun for all. Or mix it up and go for bowling pins.

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La Mariée Aux Pieds Nus

Quidditch Garden Game

Harry Potter Style for the big fans out there. Use a soft foam ball to throw through hoops.

Giant Pick Up Sticks

A vintage style game that has never ceased to be fun. We love the Giant size for a wedding day activity.

Wedding Pinata

Blindfold guests, give them a spin and they try aim for the pinata.

The Celebration Society

Wedding  Table Icebreakers

Especially great for those tables where not everyone is well acquainted, get your guests mingling.

Advice from Guests

A lovely way for your guests to give their best advice and a great keepsake for you.

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Confetti Poppers

Adding a bit of pop to the usual confetti activity. Great for the dancefloor and getting the party started.

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