Keep it simple

In this day and age, wedding guests are usually located all over the country, or even the world. Choose a gift registry that is available to view and purchase online. Guests travelling to the wedding don’t have to worry about visiting a store or lugging a heavy gift along with them.

Does your Registry service deliver?

Having a registry supplier that has your gifts delivered to your home at a date and time that is convenient for you is definitely an added bonus. It’s something you can really look forward to after your big day.

Make sure you’re able to swap

The Yuppiechef registry service offers the ability to swap items on a registry that are duplicated as a result of people buying the same or similar gifts from outside the registry. An added bonus is the ‘thank you manager’ which allows the couple to track gifts as they are bought and stay on top of thanking their guests after the wedding and honeymoon.

Go for Pretty AND Practical

If you are starting out and setting up your first home be sure to include good quality cookware, glassware for various occasions and classic cutlery and crockery for the table. You may also want to include some handy appliances such as a vacuum cleaner, blender, kettle, or toaster. If you already have a home set up, why not take the opportunity to refresh your space. A beautiful lamp for your lounge, good quality bedding to transform your sleeping space or even a well-placed vase or cushion will make all the difference.












It takes two to choose

We all have different interests and passions and what might appeal to one partner, doesn’t always appeal to the other! Remember to choose your registry as a couple. Find items that you both love and then select a few items individually to complete the list.

“Creating a registry does away with a lot of the pre-wedding bustle,” says Hilton. “The bridal couple shouldn’t be worrying about helping their guests choose gifts with all the other details they have to think about.”

Yuppiechef offers excellent options for registries, for all tastes.

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