Fun Games for a Bridal Shower

If you are planning a bridal shower, well then this is for you!

Check out these awesome bridal shower games that are not lame. Give these a try and you’re guaranteed fun and laughter, always a recipe for a good party!

The Memory Game

This is an excellent ice breaker for all the guests especially if not everyone knows each other. Upon arriving get every person to write down a memory they shared with the bride-to-be.  The bride will then pull the memories out of a hat and guess who wrote it.

He Said, She Said!

Have a list of questions prepared. Take a video clip of the groom with his answers. Get the bride to answer the same questions and play his answer after hers. Get together with the other bridesmaids to come up with a great list of questions that are relevant to the couple, beware of too much information so it’s best to keep it clean.

Advice Cards

You can get fun cards made up for guests to write on and share a bit of advice or good wishes  to the bride and groom. Put them in a jar or a pretty box as a keep sake for the happy couple. Another great topic is to share awesome date night ideas.

Copycat Dance Routine

This is a great one to get everyone dancing and in the mood for a party. Start off with one person doing a dance move, the whole group will then follow and copy that move. The next person in line has to copy that persons dance move and then add on their own dance move. To which the entire group follows, going down the line with each person adding on their own dance move.

The Brides To-Do List

Create a fun and silly list of things the bride has to do during her Bridal Shower.

The Bride & Groom Quiz

Ask the guests questions about the bride and groom. For example: How did they meet? Who said I love you first? Where was their first date?

Happy Planning!