Gothic Romance

This moody styled shoot brings a new twist for the alternative bride who is looking for something truly unique and different.


The inspiration came from trying to appeal to a more alternative bride, those that don’t want to get married in an a -typical white wedding dress with pastel themed decor. It’s beautiful and definitely trending but so it has become so every day for those of us in the wedding industry. This shows brides that they can think outside the box and still have a classy beautiful wedding even if it is more gothic and dark. Often enough gothic when used as a theme can come across as common, this shoot shows that if you combine a good amount of soft and floral elements it can soften a very often harsh and hard look. The lighting was intentionally far darker and more dramatic, we also avoided being overly “lovey and romantic” as not all couples are comfortable with PDA and so we wanted a very posed, strong and somber look which melded well with the theme.


To blend with the concept our fashion designer produced two dresses that take you away from the traditional wedding gown. The first is still A- line but in dark reds and black, with the netting overlaying the softer fabrics and a loose black veil. The second dress, more risky, showing more skin and all in black lace would be an alternative choice possibly for later in the evening of a wedding celebration.

Flowers & Decor

Putting the overall design together and selecting the right decor and flowers to compliment a concept is always my favourite part! We decided on creating an intimate setting where you can then take the concept and expand it into your own traditional wedding set up of formal tables. Loose floral arrangements and lots of candles for the tables.

The hydrangeas within the floral centre piece and bouquet really brought out the bold colour choices in contrast to the berries and greenery. Cindy also created the most beautiful loose flower crown for our model that enhanced but softened the gothic concept so perfectly.

Hair and Make Up

With a Gothic ‘look’ comes darker make up. The aim is not to go too dark, harsh and become too cliche. The eye make up is enhanced by the moody lip colour and the hair is softly styled up and again still loose to reflect a more whimsical and romantic gothic ‘look’.


The floral design within the icing and mottled black fondant was expertly created to enhance an elegant gothic concept. This is a wedding after all! Detailing is a mixture of sugar flowers and real dried flowers to reflect what is used within the bouquet and table design.


Elegant and beautifully designed to reflect the mood and colour schemes of the Gothic Romance styling. This really does show that a Gothic concept can portray class and elegance from the very start of the wedding planning process. Your invitations are the first incite for your guests as to how your Wedding Day style is going to evolve.

The Dream Team

Coordination & Styling : Weddings by Tasha

Venue: Galagos Country Estate

Stationery: Rebelle Designs

Décor & Flowers:  The Bloom Room/ Trendy Settings

Furniture Hire: Urban Tonic

Wedding Cake: Kelly Jayne Cakes

Photographer: Carina from JC Crafford Photo & Video

Assistant Photographer: Timothy Crafford from JC Crafford Photo & Video

Videographer: Surika Crafford & Yolandi Chamberlain from JC Crafford Photo & Video

Hair & Makeup:  Rose Serene Studio 

Dress: Alison Warburton Warbie Courture, @warbiecourture, 082 4404131

Models:  Christi T Hill, @akasha_taylor, 0825333389

Pierre Coetzee, @pwcoetzee, 0836405818

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