Romantic Bridal Hair Styles

Classic bridal hair styles that are timeless with a fresh new twist. These gorgeous updos by Kaeley Hartog from The Hairapist are perfect for the adding the romance to your look.

About Kaeley, owner of Hairapist.

“I’ve been in the hair industry for 10years and specializing in bridal hair for the past 6 years. I travel to venues on days where I have a wedding or any special occasion, no matter what day of the week or distance. A call out fee for the day is all that is required. I studied at Face to Face in Parktown and worked in top salons in Sandton for some of South Africa’s best hairstylists. My clientele mainly consist of conservative, professional or stay at home women who seek a salon where it is private and comfortable. I’m passionate about my work and like to ensure that my clients have the absolute best experience in a relaxed environment. I also offer other services like colour and organic Brazilians at a great price. Great prices, excellence and a beautiful outcome is what my clients have come to expect from me.”

About this look

I wanted to create a jaw dropping yet simple style that compliments the model’s face and bone structure in her cheeks. By placing a gentle movement of hair around the face ensures a natural look. This style is meant for not only a day but also night wedding. The Diamante piece is perfect for the style. It can also be replace with eucalyptus leaves to add constrast to the glamorous upstyle.

About this look

I wanted to created design that has a romantic statement, for ladies who want their hair down, but without the fuss of it falling out of place or into their face. I created a whispy whimsical and sparkly style for a bride who wants bit of fun but form.  The Diamant√© can be replaced with baby’s breath and  can be warn straight down the back or to the side.


About this look

I was inspired by the bohemian theme and wanted a more laid back yet sweet and feminine style. I decided to do a pull through braid, very similar to a Dutch crown braid. I also weaved through cats tail through the braid to allow a dash of green to the solid colour brown. Diamant√© or baby’s breath can also be used. This style of braid allows the bride to feel secure as it is secured with elastics, therefore there is no stress of it dropping. This style allows for any theme and location whether it’s a in an old town out in the country or a destination wedding on a Mexican beach.

About this look

I created a half up half down hairstyle for a more laid back bride. Who wanted the structure of an upstyle but at the same time loose and romantic of a down style. I added soft textures of a plait to keep the hair in place and finished the piece with loose bouncy waves. I added red roses to break the look. This allows the eye to follow the design down the models back and into the outfit. The goal is to keep the eye moving and never to break away from the bride.

About this look

I wanted to create a smooth, elegant and sophisticated hairstyle with a bit of excitement. By incorporating roses into the hair for a Spanish themed wedding, it allows texture and colour without stepping too far away from the polished and stylish design. Also by adding a swept, nature look around the face, it adds softness to this strong look


About this look

I wanted a striking and glamorous ponytail. Women who don’t want to have a too much of a style but also don’t want a standard ponytail. I created a French braid, high top messy ponytail style. This allows the bride to feel comfortable but still  feminine. By braiding a French braid on top of the crown area, this allows a bit of tecture to the style to prevent a severe look. I incorporated a vine Diamante hair clip to add a bit of sparkle to the messy curls. Baby’s breath can be used as well if the brides wants a softer look.

The Dream Team

Hair by Kaeley Amber Hartog at Hairapist

Makeup by Debi 

Photography by Danny Parsons

Accessories from Shop No. 2