Sweet Treats to Delight & Wow your Guests

If you are looking something a bit different for your wedding cake why not try some of these sweet treats. Oh so pretty and delicious, these treats will only add to the theme and give that WOW factor to your wedding day.

Incorporate your theme into your “cakes” through colour and toppings. We just love the use of real flowers crystalised with sugar water. Most importantly have fun with it!

These are also great cake ideas for your bridal shower.

Plum Pretty Sugar

Purple Floral Donuts 

Katy Livings

Vickie Liu

Vickie Liu

White Chocolate, Raspberry & Pistachio Donuts

The Hungry Cook

Pink & Green iced donuts

The Birdcage Stellenbosch

Cake by Jenna Marie

Marble Macaroons from Style Sweet CA

Hand Painted Macaroons from Sweet Lionheart

Framboise Macaroon & La Fleur / The Flower from Ladurée

Pajamas + Jam Eatery

Rocket Pops from Sweet Lionheart

The Birdcage Stellenbosch

Cookies & Comets from Sweet Lionheart

Violet Cakes