Top 2019 Wedding Trends from Etsy

Online marketplace Etsy has compiled their list of “8 fresh wedding trends for 2019” based on the top searched items on their website. This comprehensive guide has everything new and out the box, from decor to fashion. If you’re looking for something a little different and non-conventional then this is just the thing for you! Prepare to be Inspired!

Statement Sleeves

Think loose and flow in sheer fabrics and lace. Long sleeves and retro bell sleeves are high up on the list.

Veil Alternatives

Stepping away from the traditional veil these alternatives with a fresh and modern take are the perfect fit for the non-traditional bride. Feathers, turbans, bows, floral halos, beaded headbands and hats, the options are limitless – take your pick!

90’s Style

The 90’s have made a comeback from decor to fashion and bridal is no different. Slip dresses, rhinestone accessories and pop culture party decor are just some of the 90’s inspired trends in store for 2019.

Sustainable Celebrations

As we all gear towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle this has now filtered through to the wedding scene. Think about the materials you are using and their long lasting effects. Cardboard cake toppers, dried flower confetti, glass straws and eco friendly plates, proving you don’t have to compromise on your decor by being environmentally friendly. Mix and match decor from second stores for a truly unique touch.

Unexpected Materials

Leather or paper origami bow ties are just some of the ways that the conventional is being reinvented.

Secret Messages

Secret love messages to your partner hidden in their attire, these personalized messages are a great way to share something private that your guests can’t always see.

Unconventional Place Cards

Designers have taken the usual place cards to a whole new level. From vintage-inspired luggage tags and customizable metallic maps, to real fresh-cut leaves and mini planter sticks  these seating charts and place cards and playful and make great keepsakes. Personalize them to reflect who you are as a couple.

Functional Favours

Never again will wedding favours be left behind! These thoughtful favours will be used again and again. It’s not about going over the top and spending a lot of money, but being functional is key.