Wedding Style Workshop

We attended The Joburg Wedding Expo this past weekend and had a blast! The Wedding Style Workshop by Bloom was fascinating and so we wanted to share the advice with you in the hopes that it helps you in planning your wedding.

We started off with a welcome drink with Ginifer. Their excellent team serves up a gorgeous cocktails in no time. The best part was that we got to choose a drink based on our taste preferences.

Break the Rules! It’s your wedding so do it your way! This was the overall message from the Bloom team and we couldn’t agree more. Choose the elements of the wedding that are most important to you and prioritize your budget accordingly. We’re not saying throw tradition out the window, but don’t feel restricted. Make choices that represent the two of you and speak to who you are as opposed to just “what’s in” at the moment or following the golden rules of weddings.

Great advice from Rochelle from Vonvé Bridal about the wedding dress, and pushing the boundaries. Their dresses were representative of a Classic, Romantic theme showing the different sides to this ever popular theme showing a touch of glamour. It’s not just about the volume and you can express the look in other ways.

There were also stunning displays for the Modern theme with dresses from Calegra Bridal which showed how Modern does not have to mean simple and can be striking with special detail.

Another great theme was the Boho theme with a dress from White Lilly Bridal. We loved the dramatic flare of the sleeves and stunning lace. It was great to see Boho done in a different way with a vintage slant.

We received colour cards to play with and create our own dream colour palette. Don’t just think one pink how about a range of shades? Why not mix it up and throw in an accent colour to make it pop! Excellent guidance from Fleur Dita on this and incorporating your colours in to the flowers. Picking our choose of blooms based on our colour palette we created our own Flower Crowns! We were so chuffed to see the guys come out in full force and did an outstanding job on their flower crowns.

Ending it off with a cake tasting from Butter Up and a run through of some fabulous cake trends for your wedding day!

We had fun and so should you when planning your wedding! Break some rules and go with the options that make you happy!

Happy wedding planning!

Photos by Nic Huisman